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 Player Factions Planned for Release:

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PostSubject: Player Factions Planned for Release:   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:15 am

This list should cover the factions we'll have readily available by beta (maybe not alpha). If you wish to contribute some of your creativity in the form of writing for these factions, send me a PM and we'll figure out how to make it work. Note that there is ~some~ story already meshed out about these factions, available in the BKMG under story resources in dropbox, and also in the areas thus far post under area crafting. PM me if you need access to these resources.

-Guard Faction
The Rookroost City Guard has a long history of protecting the city from a variety threats, ranging from petty pickpockets to spies from hostile nations. Recently an elite unit has been formed to begin tracking down insurgents and rebels who would seek to undermine Rookroost's stability. Player guards will likely be placed into this unit, which will be stationed out of the city's central district, possibly the Lord Marshall's palace.

-Church of Iuz
While more a faith than an official faction, clerics of Iuz with enough prestige can join the Inquisitors, a group who's sole purpose is to track down divine champions of other faiths and execute them. Typically, exceptions are made for Witnesses to the Ebongleam (followers of Pholtus from the Dimre) but even they must adhere to certain princlples, and they are not allowed to proselytize.

-The Rookroost Thieves Guild
The RTG has long been a powerful force in Rookroost, and the city's rulers and guard have come to something of an understanding. As long as the Guild does not operate in extreme excess, they are largely allowed to do what they want. Their members receive lighter punishments, shorts jail times, and are often ignored by the city guard in general, though the occasional scuffle between the two groups usually raises tensions for an extended period of time and sometimes ends in a few deaths. They've several front operations, the most notable being the Benedict Trading Coaster. While Lord Benedict himself has retired, his family's long involvement with the Guild almost certainly has not stopped in his old age.

-The House of Lord Rochester
Lord Rochester is an administrator in the southern district of the city. His house has long been in power in the city, and fared better than most when Iuz's army occupied the area. Rochester himself is said to be something of a hedonist, but he has a reputation for doing his job quite well. He employs several house guards to watch over his estate and holdings throughout the city, and several retainers to act on his behalf concerning matters of politics. It is rumored that he may have some connection to the resistance movement in the city of Rookroost, but this is as of yet unconfirmed and considered by most to be nothing more than a rumor started by those that would see his house fall and themselves elevated in his place.

-The Brotherhood of the Sundered Axe
The Brotherhood began as a group of depose nobles and kinsmen from the Redhand area. Most of them worshiped Heironeous as priests, paladin or lay worshipers. The core leadership is still believed to be followers of Heironeous, and his worship is encouraged. The Brotherhood consists of small resistance cells, with most members having contact only within their cell. The group was originally formed to force Prince Zeech and Iuz from Redhand, but has since expanded their scope, with cells forming all across Iuz occupied territory. There is thought to be a resistance cell in Rookroost, but it's existence has yet to be confirmed.

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Player Factions Planned for Release:
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