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 City of Rookroost Glossary

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PostSubject: City of Rookroost Glossary   Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:51 pm

If you'd like a term defined or definition provided, or wish to provide one yourself, reply to this post with your questoin/comment and i'll edit it into the glossary.


Bandit Kingdoms, The: The Bandit Kingdoms, formally known as the Combination of Free Lords, is a collection of small, formerly independent city-states that existed for nearly a thousand years just north of the Nyr Dyv. Loose alliances repelled invasion from larger powers, and frequent raids into more established lands provided the area with most of it's commerce. Conquered in 583 CY by the rampaging armies of Iuz, every inch of Combination soil is now claimed by the demigod, in name if not in force. The people here are suffering under their darkest ruler yet, and while several secretly hope for a hero, most simply intend to continue doing what they've done for the past thousand years: survive.

Combination of Free Lords, The: See Bandit Kingdoms, The for more information.

Grand Theocracy of the Dimre, The: Sitting to the southeast of the city of Rookroost, on the western border of the Phostwood, sits the Grand Theocracy of the Dimre. When the forces of Iuz marched across the land, every kingdom fell or pledged loyalty to it's armies, save one. The forces of the Grand Theocracy, outnumbered and outmatched, fought the invaders to a complete standstill. It now sits nearly-autonomous on the Bandit Kingdom's eastern border, answering in name only to the city of Riftcrag and Iuz's forces there. The region's society is structured rigidly, with every part of every person's day rigidly planned by the ruling priests. No large settlements exist, but several small ones based around a Pholtite temple work together for the common good of the region. More information on the area can be found in the Atlas

Iuz, Old One, Old One-Eye, "Ol' Wicked": These are all names used to refer to Iuz, the Demigod of Oppression, that has conquered the region. Nicknames are often given to gods, evil and good alike, because on the world of Oerth invoking the name of a divine being calls their attention to the area, and grants them the ability to perceive that area for a certain range and time depending on their power. This is not merely considered superstition across the lands... religious scholars and arcane practitioners have long sense proven it's truth, and everyone from old wives to learned scribes pay heed to this fact.

Funary Gate, The: The Funary gate is the northwest gate of Rookroost. It is so named for the large number of funeral processions that exit the city via that route to make their way to the city cemetery, which lies just outside the city's north wall.

Witness to the Ebongleam: The Ebongleam is one of the holy books of the religion of Pholtus. It's "Witnesses" are Pholtites that hail from the Grand Theocracy of the Dimre. Their religion calls for frequent self-mutilation, and cites the logic that "One cannot truly know Light unless they first walk hand-in-hand with darkness." They are steel-eyed, hard nosed fanatics that hold onto an unwavering belief that it is their duty to suffer for Pholtus, lest his light fade from the existence.[b][u]

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City of Rookroost Glossary
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