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 City of Rookroost: People

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PostSubject: City of Rookroost: People   Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:03 pm

If there is a person who you feel needs to be included in this list, merely make a post and I'll insert them into the lineup.

People of the Bandit Kingdoms

Graf Demmel Tadurinal: The high priest of Iuz in the City of Rookroost, the sycophantic Graf controls the region formerly known as the Midlands from the temple by the city's Funary Gate in the northwest portion of the city. While the clergy members are known to frequently and loudly complain of the impious attitudes of the city guard and the Lord Marshall, the Graf himself has not said anything publicly on the matter, and while in the presence of the Lord Marshall he appears subserviant and docile.

Lord Marshall Arus Mortoth: The recently self appointed administrator of Rookroost, the Lord Marshall murdered his predecessor, General Pernevi, four years ago, shortly following the Flight of Fiends. Many of Rookroost's citizens see his rise to power as a positive thing, as it coincided with the vanishing of demons from Rookroost's steets, as well as the restructing of the government to favor humans heavily. The Lord Marshall is rumored to have suffered a loss of faith in Iuz, and appointed very few priests to positions of power in the city's government, straining relationships with the local church, and prompting fears that he might attract direct attention from Dorakaa should he wander too far from the chruch's teachings.

Skannar Hendricks: While numerous bandits initially attempted to flee to the Fellreev at Iuz's invasion, none have fared as successfully as the men of Skannar Hendricks. He leads his men from Fort Hendricks in the Fellreev Forest, built near the town of Scorn, which sprang up as a haven to those that would seek to avoid Iuz's rule. Having allied with the Dazark Orc tribe and the Clan Fanlareshen elves, as well as incorporating other struggling Reyhu bandits into his own forces, Hendricks now stands as the leader of the closest thing to a solid resistance army in the Bandit Kingdoms, but his numbers hardly break five thousand men, orcs, and elves, making any direct confrontation with the armies of Iuz an impossible task. Instead, he has ordered small strikes on supply caravans, and uses the vast majority of his forces to patrol the forest and protect the city of Scorn from incursion by aggressive orc tribes or the armies of Iuz.

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City of Rookroost: People
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