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 NON-player factions planned for release:

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PostSubject: NON-player factions planned for release:   Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:20 am

These factions will be present but will not be accepting player applicants until later in release, if the need arises:

-The Boneguard
The Boneguard are the martial forces of the Lesser and Greater Boneheart. In Rookroost, they have been tasked with registering legal arcane casters, and hunting down illegal ones. They are housed in the old state building in the northwest portion of the city.

-The Armies of Iuz
Iuz's forces move frequently through the city, and although there is a small garrison in the area, few forces remain permanently, as most continue the conquest in Tenh and other regions. They have no official station but are often quartered in the various guardhouses throughout the city and act as reinforcements when various powers within the city request them.

-The Grand Theocracy of the Dimre (Players may play as coming from the Theocracy, but will not receive faction support)
The Theocracy sits to the southeast of Rookroost, in a land of stony outgrowhts and barren hillsides. It is ruled over by witnesses to the Ebongleam, the fourth book in the holy text of The Blinding Light (a.k.a. Pholtus). The disciples of the Ebongleam witness the cold face of Pholtus, full of discipline, punishment, and unwavering loyalty. Their dogma: one who does not bleed cannot know life. To understand the glory of Light, one must first walk hand-in-hand with Darkness. Life among the Ebongleam is not one of comforts, but rather embraces hardships. Their's is to suffer, and to find the blessings in that suffering. For if they do not, then the Light will dim, and the Glory that is Pholtus will fade. Citizens of the Dimre are allowed to worship their God only because their armies fought so fiercely against the invading forces of Iuz that concessions had to be made for the demigod's armies to continue eastward.

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NON-player factions planned for release:
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