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 City of Rookroost Atlas

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PostSubject: City of Rookroost Atlas   Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:31 pm

If you'd like an area, landmark, region, or nation added to the Atlas, merely post it here and I'll add it in. If you'd like to write an entry yourself, or modify an existing one, PM me with the Cannon (Official dungeons and dragons publications/Living Greyhawk modules) reference and I'll add it in (you will be cited for your work as well).


Dimre, The Grand Theocracy of: Lying to the southeast of Rookroost, along the western border of the Phostwood, sits the Grand Theocracy of the Dimre. In all the Combination, not one place outshines the Dimre in terms of law and order. The Witnesses to the Ebongleam, as it's priests are so called, control every aspect of day-to-day life in this collection of small, fortified villages. The rigid social structure offers haven to those who have tired of the chaos typical to the Bandit Kingdoms, but the persecution of followers of any faith apart from Pholtus (and now, Iuz) is severe, and the society mimics the dark, twisted atmosphere of the Book of the Ebongleam, leaving this bastion of law and order far from anything resembling a paradise.

Rookroost, The Free City Of: Rookroost is a large city of approximately 20,000 people that sits in the northwestern Bandit Kingdoms. Rookroost is a regional capital that oversees the administration of everything in the BK north to the Bluff Hills, west to the Cold Run River, and south to the Artonsomay. The area's eastern border is Zumkend River, which it shares with the civil-war ravaged Tenh. It is both a seat of power for the forces of Iuz, as well as a hotbed of resistance.

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City of Rookroost Atlas
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