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 City of Rookroost: Groups

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PostSubject: City of Rookroost: Groups   Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:28 pm

If there is a group who you feel needs to be included in this list, merely make a post and I'll insert them into the lineup.

Groups of the Bandit Kingdoms

Brotherhood of the Sundered Axe, The: A mafia-like conspiracy, no solid proof of the existence of the Brotherhood has ever been established. However, a few ale-and-wench-loosened tongues have given way to a few rumors concerning the existence of a group of resistance fighters known as The Brotherhood of the Sundered Axe. The Brotherhood began as a collection of deposed nobles from the Redhand area. While the group initially consisted primarily of Heironian priests and paladins trying to reclaim the Principality of Redhand from the forces of Iuz and reintegrate it with the Shield Lands, the groups membership and scope has grown to include numerous citizens under the thumb of Iuz that simply wish to wrest free from the grip of the God of Oppression. Small Cells, usually consisting of no more than a dozen members, are spread all throughout the lands conquered by Iuz. They work to disrupt supply shipments, assassinate military, political, and religious leaders, and cause trouble in any other way they can for the armies of Iuz. While they do not possess the numbers in any one place to expel Iuz directly, they have been successful in making Iuz's occupation much, much more difficult.

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City of Rookroost: Groups
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